Charlotte's Tweets

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Star test results

Today we got our Star test scores. I got 44/50 I also am stainine 8. What a stainine is It is like your score. So there is a stainine 123 and then there is an average area. And the 7,8,9 I got a stainine 8 I got above the average area. This star test was for reading.  Next I need to work on paragraph comprehension I only got 15/20 On that one. On my world recognition I got 10/10 And then on my sentence comprehension. And 9/10 On my vocabulary. In all results I think I did pretty well I tried my best.

FeedBack/FeedFoward: I agree with you on that Charlotte, you would need to work on paragraph comprehension if you got 15/20. You did a really good job at getting stanine 8 in the Star Test.

Evaluation: It was fun to try out the star test and see what  I needed to work on. It was hard to think of things under pressure.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Writing portfolio post

Description: I chose this post because I wanted to explain maybe how some cabins feel with people inside of them. And Camp inspired me to write about what goes on in girls cabins maybe people would like to know. I thought it would be interesting to also write a bit about cabins friend toilet. I wanted to really hook the readers in by writing  about something not many people write about. 

Feedback I think you did really well at your writing  FeedFoward next time I think you should tell the reader a little about your story. Tayla 

Evaluation: It was easy to think of some good words to use in my story to really spice it up. It was hard to think of more words from when I had like 3 Pages I didn't know what to do for the fourth.