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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Camp Writing

Description: I chose to write about the girls cabin because I thought it would be fun for readers to know a silly story about what goes on in our cabin because maybe some people want to actually kno and I wanted to stand up for cabin and tell you guys why he is angry and the un specified toilet and I wanted it to be a fun make up story AND I can tell you now some of those hints happen... I'll leave you with that! Thanks for reading my story! 

Feedback and feedfoward : I like how you have highlighted the different people but next time you could put it in parigraphs 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I statement

Description: Today we learnt about I statements and what I statements are, Are you put an I at the start and then say what you want to put in it sort of emotions and what your feeling This is an example: I feel happy when I get to spend time with you. It's not always good the video explains what can happen with this. Thanks for watching! :) beautiful actresses of the video: Devyn,Atlanta Charlotte. And the beautiful camera person: Emma!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Camp diaries portfolio post 2016

You should Description: It's good to be back from camp well I can tell you a little about camp you wanna know yes okay. So we had activity groups up to 10 And we had cabins and we did 10 Activities for each group we did them in different orders my first four were slip 'n slide, Pool, Rafts & team initiave. Now if you don't know what some of these are I'll explain what we do in all the activities. We have pool first now probably a lot of you know this but this is up what it is is we basically just swim and play games in the pool. Next Archery what you do is get a bow which you shoot with and then you get a arrow and try and get the target. Next Mini golf what you do in mini golf is just hit a ball and try and get it into the hole pretty simple right? Next is water slide we ride down a pretty steep water slide it's really fun you should come along. Riffles you shoot a riffle and try and hit the target we had to wear some epic safety glasses! And next horses we rode some horses and people lead us around the track. Next low ropes this one is all about balances and you might need spotters and what spotters are is people who guide you so if you fall or get a bit wobbly they hold you. Next kayak well you get in a kayak and then paddle it along with your paddles scoop the water like a ice cream mm ice cream sounds good! Next rafts you try to make a raft with some milk bottle and some wood and a rope how do you do that you knot the milk bottles in and see if you can float. Next and last team initiave you help each other get past the obstacles as a team. Now what you need for these activities for pool you obviously need togs and if you don't need goggles then you don't need them. You bring them next archery you need covered shoes that's all. Next mini golf you don't need anything they provide you with stuff. Next water slide you need togs. Next riffles covered shoes and yeah. Horses you need long pants and covered shoes. Next low ropes you need covered shoes that's it. Next kayak you might need your togs unless you have a change of clothes or something. Next rafts you might need your togs or just short pants. Next team initiave covered shoes that's all. I enjoyed it a lot! The food is delicious oh sorry I didn't tell you where I went, I went to el rancho.


Fb: I like that you didn't complain about the Beach walk
Ff: you should Try to explain more about what you did 

Evaluation: It was easy to do all the activities with instructors and trying to achieve my 2016 Goal Independent. It was hard to keep my independence the whole time when everything was going on. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Family tree

Description: For the past few weeks we have been working on our family trees which is just making a tree with our family on it basically. We made family trees because it help us communicate. In history of others. I've learnt my families names and I learnt. And if their alive or not and quite a bit about them. It's good to know whos apart on your family and learn the history of them. The names next to them are  what they are in Maori example: (Mum) Muma 


Thursday, 3 March 2016

Camp Goals

Description: Today we were writing about our goals for 2016 Camp. Most of them are connected to my  one word. We have action goals and personal goals. My one word for 2016 is Indepedent

One word 2016 portfolio post

Description: This week we have been making our one word art. We were trying to make creative art out of our one word. We each got to pick a word that we focus on for 2016.  My one word is independent. I chose to be independent because I think I need to be brave and do things on my own. I had to get a piece of paper then start drawing out the lines of the outside. And and then I started to draw the words out and then start making patterns in them. Then I coloured it in. I started planning what I was gonna do with the words. I put all different colours in to making it. I put all kind of decorations to make the word colourful and awesome. It just came out of my mind and if you do all that stuff then BAM you have got your one word decoration! 

Feedback/Feedfoward : I like the colours on your one word . I think next time you should do more stick figures on your art. Charlotte H

Evaluation: it was easy to colour in my words and make the words. It was hard to find out what I wanted to do for the words. So far I have tried to be independent. It is sometimes hard when people distract me. But I try to stay focused on what I am doing.